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January Empties

As much as I absolutely love writing and reading empties post, the process is always a little bit tedious.  I either end up hoarding empty pots and containers, accidentally putting them in recycling before getting a picture, or having to traipse through hundreds of photos for the one I took weeks ago. This month, all three forces were at play.  Against the odds, if you are reading this, we have a complete piece! Hurrah- the procrastination fairy told me that writing a blog post instead of doing uni work is still productive! You know the drill when it comes to empties posts: I'll ramble about why I like the product, get defensive about lawsuits the company is facing, and do the same next month. Cool? Let's go! Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel This product was a mini-size from The ASOS Box of Skincare that I reviewed in December. I really enjoyed using this cleanser, so much so that it look the place of my daily cleanser until I ran out. However, will I be repurchasing the full si

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